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The love for our origins and the desire to experiment with gastronomy accompany us throughout our professional career.

Our adventure in Spain began in 2000 when our first projects take shape. Then we began a long journey in which dedication, commitment, and passion for what we do have always been our key ingredients.
The commitment to the cutting edge of culinary techniques, the use of quality raw materials and the care of the aesthetics of our dishes are factors that are have always been present in our gastronomic concepts.

In 2008, we created the GMI Group, which now coordinates and manages the activities of the six restaurants: Maccheroni & Co, L’Oca Giuliva, Gusto, La Gallina Bianca, Mama Bistro and Le Grand Bistro.

In 2001 Maccheroni & Co was born, an authentic Italian restaurant that today is a benchmark in the production of fresh pasta. In 2006 we opened what was the trattoria-pizzeria Pane & Vino. In 2009 it was followed by L’Oca Giuliva, a small romantic restaurant synonymous of the Italian authenticity.

In 2012 we decided to experiment with the classics and we created Gusto, an open gastronomic concept where a sober Mediterranean cuisine prevails. In 2014, Pane & Vino evolved into La Gallina Bianca, a rigorously home-based restaurant that focuses on the diversity of traditional Italian cuisine, much more than pizza and pasta.

A year later, in 2013, we wanted to bet on the concept of bistro inspired by the influence of traditional cuisine, oriental currents, and Mediterranean culture. And we gave shape to Mama Bistro that opened its doors in 2015.

In June 2018 we opened Le Grand Bistro, in the heart of the authentic neighborhood of La Alfalfa, with it we bet on high-quality Mediterranean cuisine, the traditional and avant-garde.

With our restaurants we claim our most sincere commitment to the diversity and gastronomic quality of Seville.